The Tail of R. P. Cathouse



Welcome to my home, R. P. Cathouse!  My name is Stella and this is the tail of how my home became a Cathouse.  I have always loved cats.  In my younger days I always had cats - short haired, long haired and all were females.  I remember dressing kittens in doll clothing and playing.  All were indoor and outdoor cats.  I have learned a lot since then, having lost cats to some very bad things.  But this is a tail on how I came upon Maine Coons.


Back in 1996 I went with a friend to check on her friend's cat who was due with a litter of kittens, although she wasn’t due for another day.  We got there and one kitten had already been born but was not in the birthing box and another kitten was on the way.  I warmed up that baby while all the others were born.  The mother was a beautiful red and white girl (I had never seen a Maine Coon before) and  that first furbaby was a brown patched and white.  I called her "Floor Model" and I had to have her!  Her name became Kitwilo’s Jezabelle of R. P. Cathouse.  Her half sister also came home with me, Kitwilo’s G. Louise of R. P. Cathouse.  I started showing them and met a lady who loved patches but her true love is torties.  We became great friends and partners; her name is Terri Miller of Stacalone Cattery.


She called and said she had a brown and white male kitten and asked if I would be interested in him.  So we drove up to see this kitten.  ( I better explain “We” is myself and my better half Bob; he supports me with the cats and has a great eye for them.  He loves them as much as I do).   The kitten was cute as could be and he had a brother and sister.  We told Terri we wanted the brown and white boy.  On the way home we decided we wanted the brown boy also.  So I called her to let her know and that is how we first got hooked on Maine Coons.  My daughter, Sandra took the sister, a red and white female, so now we had Jez, Weez, Chino, and Mason.  I showed the boys and had fun learning about the breed.   Then I wanted a silver kitten.   So one day I got the fatal call from Terri!!  She had a female silver patched girl and asked if I would come and see her.  She talked to me about co-owning her and breeding her so I went to see this kitten.  Her color did not sound very pretty, boy was I wrong!  She was a beautiful girl with blue-green eyes and I told Terri yes, I would co-own her.  Guess what?  I also fell for her brother, a very high white cameo, so home came Penny Lane and Moses.    When it came time to breed Penny I took her up to Terri in September and nothing happened.  I called Terri to wish a Merry Christmas and she gave me the best present  - Penny was bred on Christmas Day!  We met at a show and I picked up Penny to bring home.  But then Terri pulled out a kitten, a cute brown and white girl.  I sat holding her and she purred and purred.  You guessed it, she came home with me, so we now co-own 2 females.  So,Yep! I came home with 2 again. :-)  This girl’s name is Stacalone’s Eleanor Rigby aka Ele`.   Penny and Ele` have been the best furmoms anyone could ask for.  They have produced wonderful kittens.  Of course the dads had something to do with it too.  That is how I started.


What I do for my cats and kittens?  Spoil them first! :-) I want friendly, warm, loving kittens.  I believe that the parents have a lot to do with that, both human and feline.  I want the kittens to be outstanding in the eyes of their new families.  I make sure parents are tested clear for any heart problems, moms have blood work done and all kittens are vet checked before leaving our home.  I will do my best to find answers to any questions new parents have as I have a good network of breeders and vets who I can call at any time to get the answers I need. 


I have imported 2 kittens from Wrevenik Cattery in So. Africa, a silver and white boy Charlie Parker and Cathan - aka Catie a blue patched female.  Along with a couple other females from breeder friends of mine that have outcross pedigrees they will all be wonderful additions to my breeding program.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Vikki, Terri and Susan!


I have a problem with running on and on and on, as you see ... :-) but my Furkids mean the world to me!  They are what keeps me grounded and sane.  They are my comfort when I am sad, upset, sick or just having a bad day.  They make me smile, laugh and cry.  I love them dearly.  What a wonderful furkids I have.  And my wish is that all the new families of my kittens will have the same feeling about the kitten as I do.  Don't forget ... 2 kittens are better than 1!  I should know.  :-)







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