My, what big feet they have...

Meanu Cattery has introduced a new line to our breeding program.  Our female Coonopry Shes Got The Look of Meanu is an F-4 (foundation lines) and a Polydactyl. 

She is a great out cross for us and also will bring in that solid boning that is so important in a breeding program. 

Now a little about the Polydactyl Maine Coons.  They have been part of the breed for many years; it is a natural genetic trait.  It is not harmful or a defect but
a natural mutation within the breed that has been observed since the earliest "Maine Shags" were identified back in the mid-1800's.

Meet our first litter of
Polydactyl Maine Coon Kittens!

This is an excellent article with lots of scientific explanations about polydactylism and it's  presence in feline gene pools.
PawPeds - Polydactylism

  I have received permission to link Prairiebaby Cattery to my site.  Judith has been working with foundation lines and Polydactyl lines for a long time. She is very knowledgeable, and her site has a lot of good information. 
This page has some of her recent kittens, and if you scroll down the page a bit you'll see general information about polys and other links as well: