Showing off our first litter of Polydactyls!

My, what big feet they have...

(none of these kittens are available)

Welcome to Meanu Cattery!

I would like to teach you how to pronounce Meanu, are you ready Me an U, easy right.  Now on with the intro....

 Meanu is a combined effort to produce outstanding kittens and cats.  2 catteries still separate but now combining their knowledge and love for the Maine Coons to work together in this effort.  Rose’s  Mysti Isle and Stella’s R P Cathouse.  How we got the name is another story.  But, if either one of us says the name we both are right, think about it. 

I would like to show you
our first litter of polydactly kittens.  They are out of Coonopry’s Shes Got the Look of Meanu (AKA Polly) and CH Coonwyck’s Papollo of R P Cathouse. 

First a little why they need a special introduction:  Polly is a polydactyl, a cat with more toes than normal.

Poly Maine Coons have been around from the very beginning of the breed and are often called "mitten-foot" or "snowshoe" cats.  Some of the most famous Polydactyl cats are the Hemingway cats, but they've been wandering the wilds of Maine since the 1800's and are a natural part of our beloved Maine Coon Cat.

This is an excellent article with lots of scientific explanations about polydactylism and it's  presence in feline gene pools.
PawPeds - Polydactylism

I have received permission to link Prairiebaby Cattery to my site.  Judith has been working with foundation lines and Polydactyl lines for a long time. She is very knowledgeable, and her site has a lot of good information. This page has some of her recent kittens, and if you scroll down the page a bit you'll see general information about polys and other links as well:

My girl Polly has 7 toes on each front foot and 6 on each back foot.   I have loved the idea of having a poly but never owned one before this lovely female.  They are no different than any other Maine Coon except the extra toes.  Polly is out of foundation lines and has great boning which comes from the Polydactyl lines she is out of.  We brought Polly in to help keep that boning in our cats.  There are guide lines in breeding a Polydactyl, first of which is never breed a Poly to a Poly to avoid creating an excess of extra toes that could make it difficult to walk normally.  You do not want to double up on the polydactyl gene at all, but breeding a poly girl to a male with regular toes is fine as there are natural limits to how many toes the kittens can have.  Polly had 5 kittens and only 3 had extra toes (all 6 front and back).  The toes are not webbed or joined; each toe is fully separate and has its own claw, completely normal in every way.  Two of the kittens do not have any extra toes.  The only fault I can see in this litter is that they are all females!  LOL!  But, this is fine with me.  So I would like you to meet Papollo and Polly’s girls! 

I have to add now R P Cathouse is now a true R P and what does R P stand for?  Rebel Paws! 
(Sorry, Rose had to put that in.) 

Note: these kittens are not available.

Born June 2, 2011
Sire: CH Coonwyck Papollo of R P Cathouse
Dam: Coonopry's She's Got the Look of Meanu

They had a total of 5 beautiful girls!  All blue patched tabbies with varying degrees of white...

Polydactyl cats are not recognized for Championship status by CFA (meaning they can't be shown, but they can be registered and regular footed offspring can be shown) Polydactyl Maine Coons can be shown in "new traits" class in TICA, and poly breeders hope for the day they are eligible for Championship status in that organization.

to Right and Below are some earlier pictures of this delightful and adorable litter.  Just click on picture to see full size....
As they matured, they just became more lovely!  Cutting toenails on this litter seemed to take forever, and even though all Maine Coons tend to use their front paws like hands, those extra toes do make polys extra good at grabbing things!
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