co-owned girls...
Rose Spillman of Mysti Isle and Stella Gaylor of R P Cathouse came up with the combined cattery name "Meanu" for the special cats and kittens they share...

Coonopry She Gotthe Look of Meanu
February 14, 2010


Blue Classic tabby & White

Sire: Kumskaka My Blue Heaven of Coonopry

Dam: Shanna Phacelia




Starcoons Pussy Willow of Meanu
aka Willow after daddy Willy
May 2, 2010


Odd-Eyed White


Sire: GC R P Cathouse Wld Thng of Moosecoons

Dam: CH Miracle Coon Angel of Star Coons


CH Meanu Forever in Blue Jeans
June 2, 2011


Blue Patched Tabby & White

Sire: CH Coonwyck Papollo

of R P Cathouse

Dam: Coonopry She gotthe look of Meanu